Picnic Basket Cake

This cake was made for a Bridal Shower with a Picnic theme.
Chocolate cake with oreos and cream buttercream.


  1. Kathia holy cow you are getting even more talented. I didn't know this was possible. Wow.

    So when are you opening your own shop? I'm ready to come back and help for awhile! :)

    And yeah, my husband wasn't too excited about the vegetarian class. I think he thought it was a waste of time! But hey, that's ok. He went with me.

    I saw you sent a message on FB. I need to get over there. I've been doing the least amount of indoor stuff as possible, then I run outside to play or travel. I love summer, but I've been a very bad girl and not doing anything I'm supposed too.

    I hope you are doing well! I saw those pictures of Cami you posted recently too, she is getting so big and so beautiful. It's strange how fast children grow.


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